Apart Aligoté which is grown only in tanks to preserve its primary aromas and freshness, the other white wines, which are exclusively chardonnay, undergo traditional vinification lees: the grapes are pressed and put directly in oak barrels for  its alcoholic fermentation and then the malo-lactic. It is the careful selection of barrels that give the woody notes, vanilla ... of our wines



   Crémant "Pétillante Camille"              White of Black Brut            2014

   Bourgogne Aligoté               (Grape variety: Aligoté)                           Sold out  

   Saint Romain Blanc              (Grape variety: chardonnay)                 Sold out

Bronze medal Mâcon's award 2016

  Auxey Duresses Blanc          (Grape variety: chardonnay)                 Sold out

      "Les Hautés"  

Silver medal Mâcon's award 2016  

   Ladoix Blanc                             (Grape variety: chardonnay)                 Sold out

       "Les Vris" 


   Meursault                                  (Grape variety: chardonnay)                  Sold out