Guide Hachette 2009 


Auxey Duresses 2005




On the threshold of a valley that goes into the Hautes Côtes de Beaune on the road of Rochepot and Autun, nestled between happy hills  with rounded shapes, Auxey could say as that character of the Holy Scriptures: "I called Legion for we are many". There has indeed the variety between the edge of Meursault and those of Saint Romain ... Showing purplish color and a bouquet of ripe red fruits, this 2005-bodied, moderately tannic heart has to work. An elegant wine, well extracted, a large classicism to open 



Saint Romain 2006




Born from the merger of the vineyards of Francis Rapet and aunt Marie Lamotte, this field shows a yellow lemon chardonnay, nose discreet but elegant white flowers. Fat, matter, but also a touch of vivacity and a touch of bitterness on the finish. In a word, a typed wine to discover within 2 years.